California’s new Blackfish legislation a huge step forward

Oct 17, 2016 by afdadmin
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By Hannah Tait On September 13th, California’s Governor Jerry Brown signed the Orca Protection and Safety Act banning all orca shows for the purpose of entertainment, as well as captive orca breeding. The legislative reform, essentially aimed at SeaWorld, is a result of the growing concern for orca welfare that began to seriously take off View full story

IMATA: unbelievably cruel.

Sep 14, 2016 by afdadmin
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It is almost unbelievable anyone in the zoo and aquarium community would still contend that the wild capture of dolphins and whales is acceptable. After landmark legal action last year by Australia for Dolphins, the global zoo body, WAZA, no longer allows its members to be involved in the live capture of cetaceans. Even SeaWorld View full story

Meet the teen taking on the cruel dolphin captivity industry.

Sep 06, 2016 by afdadmin
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Mitch Cayirylys is a 17 year old student from Coffs Harbour. He recently made a petition asking local schools to stop running excursions to the controversial marine park, Dolphin Marine Magic. Mitch collected close to 100 signatures from students, all demanding their schools stop supporting the cruel practice of dolphin captivity – an incredible achievement! View full story

IMATA dolphin torturers are not far away

Sep 05, 2016 by afdadmin
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The dolphin hunting season has officially kicked off in Taiji. So far, the hunters have come back empty handed. But it won’t be long until they find a terrified pod and chase it into the cove. Soon the dolphin “trainers” will arrive in preparation. And many of these trainers will be from IMATA. IMATA is View full story

What they’re NOT saying speaks volumes…

Jun 08, 2016 by afdadmin
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The Qld Maritime Museum have been very light on the details but it’s clear their plans to build a $100 million aquarium are pretty advanced. They’ve released a lot of details about WHERE it will be and HOW MUCH it will cost, but they’re being very cagey about exactly WHAT marine life will be exhibited there. Please help View full story

Five lies marine parks want you to believe

Apr 15, 2016 by afdadmin
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In a post-Blackfish world, people are becoming increasingly worried about the health and happiness of captive marine animals. They are beginning to question the moral grounds of marine parks altogether. And rightly so. Marine parks tell us a lot of things in an attempt to persuade the public what they are doing is safe and View full story

The future’s calling: it’s time to help dolphins in captivity

Apr 13, 2016 by afdadmin
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You often hear talk about the elusive “younger generation”, and how it’s up to them to save the world. Lucky for us, there’s some pretty awesome kids around.  AFD had the opportunity to travel to Coffs Harbour recently, home of the controversial marine park, Dolphin Marine Magic. While there, we delivered an education program to View full story

The RSPCA doesn’t want you to visit marine parks. Here’s why.

Apr 12, 2016 by afdadmin
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The Australian Senate and the RSPCA both think dolphin captivity is cruel. Why? Because it is cruel. Dolphins in captivity suffer physically and mentally. Many of them undergo stress, disease, and exhibit abnormal behavior – such as constantly circling their tiny tanks, or bobbing up and down out of boredom. But don’t just take our View full story