Stop SeaWorld ruining the planet to build a bigger prison

Jul 23, 2015 by afdadmin
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SeaWorld has launched an all-out campaign promoting the construction of its Blue World Project in San Diego, which would expand the size of its current orca tanks. Although the marine park chain claims it is undertaking this mega-construction because it cares for its orcas, it’s clear from the marketing material they are more focused on enhancing human experience rather than improving conditions for orcas.

And the biggest shocker? SeaWorld is so sure it can do whatever it wants it went ahead and launched the Blue World Project campaign before it had even asked for approval.

Which is where YOU come in.

Right now we have a window of opportunity to SHUT THE WHOLE SORRY MESS DOWN before construction even starts. Please, write a short email to the California Coastal Commission at [email protected], asking them to prevent the construction of the unsustainable Blue World Project in San Diego.

The commission, which will have the final say on whether or not this ecologically disastrous project gets the go-ahead, has been successful in preventing numerous unsustainable projects in the past. Which is why your voice is so vital in preventing this wasteful project.

In addition to the inhumane conditions of Blue World, the construction of this project would have irreversible environmental effects to the water and air quality in the surrounding Mission Bay area.

Please, take a few minutes to read the open letter that Sarah Lucas, CEO of Australia for Dolphins has written to the commission, and try and pen a few words to them yourself.

We only have until the 14th of August to plead our case, and every voice counts!


Australia for Dolphins’ open letter:

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing from a not-for-profit organisation called Australia for Dolphins ( AFD works globally to protect dolphins and small whales from cruelty and ensure their conservation in the wild.

At a time when public opinion is moving away from keeping orcas in captivity, SeaWorld’s proposal for the Blue World Project is shortsighted, and environmentally unsustainable.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that keepings orcas in captivity is detrimental to their health and wellbeing. Minimally increasing the size of the tanks at SeaWorld San Diego will not solve the many issues related to keeping orcas in tanks. These issues include premature death, poor dental health, high infant mortality rates due to loss of maternal instincts, and abnormal shows of aggression towards both humans and other orcas.

In many ways, comparing small tanks to bigger tanks is a matter of aesthetic semantics. The proposed new tanks at SeaWorld San Diego would only be 50 feet deep and 350 feet long. However, it is commonly known that orcas often dive as deep as 1,000 feet and travel approximately 100 miles per day in their natural habitat.

The orcas at SeaWorld San Diego would have to swim more than 1,500 lengths per day of their new tank to even come close to replicating their natural behaviours.

In addition to animal welfare concerns related to keeping orcas captive, constructing a new facility at SeaWorld San Diego would negatively affect the water and air quality in the surrounding Mission Bay area. Construction will also create a high level of noise pollution that could prove incredibly harmful on the area’s sensitive marine ecosystem.

Super tanks of the size proposed for Sea World San Diego’s Blue World Project require high levels of maintenance and chemicals. Therefore, this new enclosure will undoubtedly lead to an increase in the volume of toxic effluent in Mission Bay.

If SeaWorld truly cared for the well-being of these orcas, it would not simply build them a bigger prison. The millions of dollars set aside for Blue World Project tank expansion project would be better spent on developing a seaside sanctuary.

When it comes time to vote on August 14th, I urge you to put animal welfare and the local ecosystem before vested corporate interests. Please vote AGAINST the Blue World Project.

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