IMATA: unbelievably cruel.

Sep 14, 2016 by afdadmin
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Original image credit: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Original image credit: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

It is almost unbelievable anyone in the zoo and aquarium community would still contend that the wild capture of dolphins and whales is acceptable.

After landmark legal action last year by Australia for Dolphins, the global zoo body, WAZA, no longer allows its members to be involved in the live capture of cetaceans.

Even SeaWorld and the controversial Georgia Aquarium have both committed to no longer sourcing dolphins and whales from the wild.

Out of the entire zoo and aquarium industry, IMATA is the only one still supporting live captures in Taiji.

Please support AFD’s legal campaign to get IMATA trainers out of Taiji and their hands off Taiji dolphins:

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IMATA rationalises that its trainers are “saving” dolphins from certain death. In their delusion, they argue the dolphins will somehow be better off in marine parks. IMATA even allows its trainers to actively participate in the violent “collection” process. But in reality, the capture process in Taiji is violent and cruel.

The evidence shows these captures are undeniably stressful and result in a six-fold increase in mortality risk during and immediately after capture. Many dolphins drown or suffer from cardiac arrest when they are driven into the cove.

Help stop these brutal hunts by taking on IMATA through the law. Please donate now: 

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The dolphin this trainer is feeding was cruelly torn from its family members, who suffered a torturous death in the cove.

The dolphin this trainer is feeding was cruelly torn from its family members, who suffered a torturous death in the cove.

Because the live capture of dolphins is much more lucrative than the sale of dolphin meat, it is the aquarium trade – and organisations like IMATA – that are perpetuating the brutal slaughter they supposedly oppose. Dolphins are ripped from their families and sold off for thousands of dollars, while the rest of their family is stabbed to death and sold as pet food.

Though the practice of capturing dolphins is banned in most countries and condemned by animal welfare and conservation scientists, IMATA still does not think it’s a problem.

It may be the case that IMATA and its trainers are in denial about the impact the hunts actually have on the welfare of dolphins. But they can’t ignore the facts any longer. More than 38,000 AFD supporters have told IMATA: there’s no excuse for cruelty, and it’s time to change.

Australia for Dolphins has secured a top Chicago-based law firm to take on IMATA. But we need your help to expose their lies, by donating to the legal campaign now.

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And, if you haven’t already, please sign the petition to IMATA and share with your dolphin-loving friends:


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    I have done this for you, although the sum is not substantial. Pls find the main organisational donors to help you or advertise your campaign in Australia as I know Australians love animals very much. Some of the average dolphins lovers are financially and mentally handicapped and say money cannot stop the hunt.