It’s time to end the practice of dolphin captivity in NSW

Feb 07, 2017 by afdadmin
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Despite damning evidence and a public push against dolphin captivity, five dolphins remain in Coffs Harbour NSW under sub-standard conditions.

Recently, a baby dolphin named Ji-Ling died there, just before his second birthday. He suffered a fatal heart attack after swallowing metal and litter in his pool.

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Unfortunately, high infant mortality is not unusual for captive dolphins. The stress caused by captivity can have adverse health effects on mother dolphins too – leading to an increase in miscarriage.

Sadly, Ji-Ling’s five family members remain at the park – performing circus tricks for frozen fish, posing with strangers to sell photos and enduring demeaning “rides”. Ji’s father, Bucky, is recovering from cancer but instead of resting in his old age, he performs in multiple shows for a paying audience.

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Now NSW has a new Premier, there is a chance to stop the suffering of captive dolphins once and for all.

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Dolphin Marine Magic offers hands-on experiences with its dolphins that allow “you to get up close”. This includes swimming, hugging and even riding the animals – all for an extra fee.

Dolphins are highly intelligent and studies demonstrate they suffer when held in small, chlorinated tanks. While wild dolphins can swim up to 150km per day, in captivity they are kept in pools which severely limit their natural behaviours of hunting, diving, and socialising.

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The artificial social environment in captivity forces dolphins either to be in close proximity to each other, or to be completely separate with no contact – both increase dolphins’ stress levels.

Ji’s family have a sad fate awaiting them. They are destined to live out their days swimming round and round a chlorinated swimming pool. But you can help stop the endless cycle of cruelty.

With enough public pressure the new Premier will take action. Please sign the petition and send a powerful message to the one person who can change this.

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