#ShameIMATA: Hands off Taiji dolphins!

Sep 15, 2015 by afdadmin


Help STOP the people who support the terrible Taiji bloodbath

Dolphin “trainers” enter the Taiji cove and choose which dolphins will live and die. They tear mothers away from their babies and ship them around the world to live in tiny, chlorinated tanks. When Australia for Dolphins visited the cove, we saw them standing in the cove laughing, as wounded dolphins drowned right next to them.

Many of these trainers are from IMATA, the International Marine Animal Trainers’ Association. They are Taiji’s faceless middlemen, and they are getting away with horrific abuse.

Please, help break the vicious cycle of dolphin capture and slaughter. Tell IMATA that its involvement in the Taiji bloodbath has to stop.

These two powerful actions will take just 30 seconds:

1. Write a message on IMATA’s Facebook page, asking them to stop their trainers participating in these terrible hunts. Be sure to include #shameIMATA to join the conversation. (To ensure your comment is published, please comment underneath the most recent photo on IMATA’s Facebook page)

2. Take to Twitter with #shameIMATA to share your demands.

IMATA trainers choose which dolphins will live and die in the bloody Taiji dolphin hunts

IMATA trainers choose which dolphins will live and die in the bloody Taiji dolphin hunts

The brutal dolphin hunts in Japan exist for one reason – because the aquarium trade for live dolphins is a big business. In order to break the cruel cycle of captivity, we need to take the trainers who tear defenseless dolphins away from their families out of the water.

IMATA is hosting an annual conference on the 27th September, where dolphin trainers from all around the world will gather in the same room.  We need to make our voices loud and clear before then, to make sure they change their policy and STOP IMATA trainers playing God with the lives of dolphins.

The more people express their outrage, the more impact our message will have.

We’ve seen how powerful this approach can be with our recent win against the world’s peak zoo body – which stopped Japanese aquariums buying Taiji dolphins.

To add to that, more than 140,000 caring people have already signed the Stop the Bloodbath petition to stop the hunts this season, and the campaign is growing.

But despite all this momentum, and worldwide condemnation, IMATA continues to support the brutal dolphin captures in Taiji.

The cruel dolphin capture and selection process is nothing less than animal torture

The cruel dolphin capture and selection process is nothing less than animal torture

IMATA says it “respects animals”, but its trainers are doing the exact opposite. They are the ones actually in the cove, alongside the hunters, traumatizing defenseless dolphins.

Please, tell IMATA this is unacceptable. It is an absolute disgrace.

No animal deserves to be ripped away from its family and home to spend life in a miserable chlorinated tank.

No baby dolphin deserves to be left behind, injured and alone, to slowly starve to death.

Help #shameIMATA with a message on their Facebook page

Or tell IMATA what you think with a #shameIMATA tweet.

By shining a light on IMATA’s terrible practices, you can help end their trainers’ involvement in one of the worst acts of animal cruelty in the world. And with no trainers supporting the horrific dolphin captures, these barbaric hunts will end.

Injured dolphin tries to escape

Injured dolphin tries to escape

  • Cristen McConville

    How can you allow this murder? How do you sit by & do nothing? I don’t get how anyone can stand by and even participate in this! What is wrong with you people?



  • Eileen Frost

    Just leave them alone, you heartless people, only interested in money.

  • Jillybean

    Imata you are a joke as you allow trainers to be involved in the capture in Taiji. #ShameImata!

  • Marie laure

    Vs êtes la honte de ce pays. Massacrer physiquement et mentalement ces êtres dont on a pas besoin pour vivre … Vous me faite honte. Vous le payerez tôt ou tard !

  • John Partridge

    This needs to stop and needs everyone’s support to stop this evil. God told us as humans that we need to care for the animals we have on earth, not destroy them for the benefit of money.

    Stop this evil act of killing dolphins.

  • Richere deziel

    Imata is just a bunch of hypocrites ! Stop your trainers from this horrific trade !

  • ✴udane✴

    stop a ces assassins

  • Karen Reid

    Japan…. You are an embarrassment to humanity. Stop NOW or after the Olympics, when we will expose your barbaric and immoral activities…. We Will Show the Faces of those involved in the hunts….. and they will have to watch their backs….. Their families should be embarrassed and ashamed of what Daddy does for a living…. Daddy is a Gigantic Loser….