What they’re NOT saying speaks volumes…

Jun 08, 2016 by afdadmin
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The Qld Maritime Museum have been very light on the details but it’s clear their plans to build a $100 million aquarium are pretty advanced. They’ve released a lot of details about WHERE it will be and HOW MUCH it will cost, but they’re being very cagey about exactly WHAT marine life will be exhibited there.


Please help dolphins by signing the petition asking the Museum to pledge NOT to house dolphins and other large marine animals.

The firms hired to stock the aquarium, AAT and Crossley Architects, also built this aquarium in Singapore, which stole dolphins from the wild to fill its filthy tanks.

Aerial view of Resort World Sentosa, Singapore

Aerial view of Resort World Sentosa, Singapore


Twenty-seven wild dolphins were caught in the Solomon Islands to fill the aquarium and three died before even making it to Singapore.

AFD, Black Cove and MelbournDolphin have all made contact with the Museum CEO, but he won’t provide any assurance about the marine life they plan to exhibit. Please sign the petition to make sure the CEO knows dolphins should not be on the cards for the aquarium.

are you serious


With more and more people turning away from SeaWorld and other marine parks, we can’t believe Qld might SERIOUSLY be thinking of exhibiting dolphins in the new aquarium.

A growing body of science suggests dolphins, seals and other large marine animals suffer in captivity.

Please make sure the new aquarium’s organisers hear the message LOUD & CLEAR – dolphins belong in the ocean, not in tiny chlorinated pools – sign the petition now!