Young ocean advocate saving marine life – one protest at a time

Jun 08, 2017 by afdadmin
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Ariana at a protest advocating for sharks.

Ariana is just 10 years old. Despite her youth, she is punching well above her weight and doing amazing work to protect our planet and the wonderful animals we share it with.

At a recent Empty The Tanks protest in Coffs Harbour, Australia for Dolphins was lucky enough to meet Ariana. She had travelled all the way from Sydney with her family to be there on the day, speaking up for dolphins in captivity.

Ariana was just 8 years old when she first became interested in animal protection. Her passion was sparked by her grade two teacher, who asked the class whether sharks should be culled. While most of the class said yes, Ariana was a lone voice – arguing that sharks should be protected from cruelty.

Ariana at a rally in Manly.

Ariana at a rally for sharks in Manly.

“I was the only one who said no, so I thought, you know what these animals need –  a voice. They need someone to stand up for them and educate people about just how important and amazing they are,” tells Ariana.

After the class discussion about sharks, Ariana was asked to speak at her school about marine animal issues. This led her to realise animal advocacy was her true calling – she was going to speak up for “sharks, dolphins, whales and everything in between.”

After watching documentaries such as The Cove and Blackfish, Ariana discovered she wasn’t alone. There were many other people around the world who believe that saving animals is a goal worth pursuing.

Ariana educating people about the sad reality of shark finning.

Ariana educating people about the sad reality of shark finning.

The passionate activist started “Ariana’s Ark” to provide information about different animals and the terrible things that are happening to them.

Ariana has attended many protests and even spoken at the Protect Sharks and Marine Life rally in Sydney. While Ariana’s focus is on stopping the cruel trade in shark fins, she is also a keen advocate for dolphins and whales.

When it’s Taiji hunting season, Ariana says she is sometimes late to class as she is so busy watching the live stream footage from Japan. However when she explains to her teachers why she is late, they are shocked to learn about the cruelty and Ariana makes sure to educate them about the horrific truth.

Ariana’s goal is to inspire people to protect the oceans and the unique animals that live in them. When she leaves school she hopes to become a marine biologist. “I don’t want the oceans to disappear forever and only be seen in a book, as I want them to be in my future,” she says.

Ariana at the Empty the Tanks protest in Coffs Harbour.

Ariana at the Empty the Tanks protest in Coffs Harbour.

“I started this journey by saying sharks should not be culled and since then I have read a lot, watched a lot and tried to educate others in what I learn. It is not always easy being a voice for marine life but I keep going as we need to protect our oceans.”

This amazing young lady’s courage and determination is truly inspirational! To find out more about Ariana’s Ark and how you can help protect our precious marine life, head to: or follow Ariana on Facebook here.