wants to match your donation for dolphins

Mar 10, 2023 by afdadmin
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For one week only – until March 16 – is matching donations up to $9,000 to help stop dolphin hunting in Japan.  Click here to give $2 for every $1 you donate thanks to Thanks to our incredible dolphin defenders, we are getting closer to disrupting the dolphin meat trade from Taiji.  Our investigator was View full story

Dolphin left for dead in Bronte Beach shark net

Feb 23, 2023 by Lauren Sandeman and Emilia Michael
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The morning of February 18th 2023 began with a distressed call out on social media: a dolphin was suspended dead in the shark net off Bronte beach.  Popular local drone expert Jason (AKA Dronesharkapp) first captured the harrowing footage on his usual morning drone survey of the region. Zooming in, it was easy to identify View full story

2023: brutal for dolphins swimming near Taiji

Feb 03, 2023 by afdadmin
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Between January 5-15, four pods of striped dolphins, including a nursery pod with at least 12 calves, were herded into the cove. Approximately 88 of these beautiful animals were then brutally slaughtered. Four days later approximately 32 melon-headed whales were butchered and 15 others chased back out to sea after witnessing their families be killed. View full story

How you helped protect dolphins in 2022

Feb 02, 2023 by afdadmin
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Action for Dolphins supporters helped fight cruel dolphin hunting, advocate for the removal of lethal nets, educate tourists about harmful hand-feeding, and much more. Dolphins are truly incredible animals. They use signature whistles (much like human names) and can locate prey in dark waters using echolocation.  Below are just a few ways our dolphin defenders  View full story

The NSW Threatened Species Scientific Committee agrees – it’s time to modernise ocean safety 

Nov 15, 2022 by afdadmin
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By Emilia Michael, Action for Dolphins  The Committee has called out the NSW Government because its shark net program is failing to reduce the risk to humans from shark bites and minimise the impact on threatened species. The NSW Government runs a shark meshing (bather protection) program (shark net program). This involves installing shark nets View full story

Yahoo! Japan’s dirty secret: its connection to the Taiji dolphin hunts

Nov 15, 2022 by afdadmin
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Since September 1 the Taiji dolphin hunters have brutally killed approximately 69 Risso’s Dolphins – including 10 only a few days ago.  These beautiful animals and their calves have been subjected to some of the worst torture imaginable.  Yahoo! Japan sells Risso’s Dolphin meat online – in turn supporting these inhumane hunts. Dolphin defenders around View full story

Dolphin sanctuary update

Jul 21, 2022 by afdadmin
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Dolphins not included in NSW government plans. The NSW state government recently released their 2022-23 budget plan – and dolphins were not included. In the lead up to the budget AFD collected almost 25,000 petition signatures and met with multiple decision makers to push for government support and funding to finish the feasibility study and View full story

Reflecting on a decade of Action for Dolphins

Feb 22, 2022 by afdadmin
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Ten years ago I travelled to a small coastal town in Japan called Taiji. While volunteering there I witnessed dolphins and whales being killed in the cruellest ways imaginable. I’ll never forget hearing the pained shrieks of pilot whales resonating around Taiji’s cove as a pod of 100 was brutally speared to death, or the View full story

Criminal complaint accepted by police!

Jan 27, 2022 by afdadmin
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A police investigation is now underway in Japan.  I am pleased to let you know our world-first criminal complaint has been ACCEPTED by the Wakayama Prefectural Police.  This means the police will start investigating the selling of dolphin meat by the Taiji Fishermen’s Association. Following their investigation, police will submit their findings to the Prosecutor’s View full story

AFD Year in Review: 2021

Dec 23, 2021 by afdadmin
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As the year comes to a close, we want to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who stood up for dolphins by donating to our campaigns, posting and sharing on social media, and signing our petitions.  You make the work we do possible, and we thank each and every one of you! 2021 has View full story