Seeing dolphin?

Oct 26, 2013 by Incredo Solutions
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Have we just been thinking too much about dolphins, or do they crop up in some pretty unexpected places?

In the photograph above, captured by Steve De Neef at Cebu in the Philippines, an enormous shoal of sardines appear to adopt a disguise as they swim in the formation of a dolphin.

And what about this coral reef island, situated off the north coast of Flores Island, Indonesia?


Moving away from the ocean entirely, photographer Paul McGreevy captured this dolphin, formed from hundreds of starlings, floating in the skies above Gretna Green, Scotland.


And motorists on the M11 in Essex in the UK were reported to be stunned when they spotted a cloud formation resembling a dolphin leaping through the air.


Heading even further off ground, NGC 6670, a pair of overlapping edge-on galaxies, is also known as “Leaping Dolphin”. Must say I think this one requires some imagination!


And finishing off with my favourite, photographer Gerry Morgan captions this image “Ever onward swam the banana dolphin…”.