AFD are taking on shark nets in Noosa

Jun 27, 2019 by afdadmin
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Shark nets indiscriminately catch anything that swims into them. Between 2001 and 2017 the nets in Noosa killed 143 innocent marine animals, including 26 dolphins. 

That’s why AFD are urging the Queensland Government to invest in alternatives, and we’re starting with Noosa. 

There is no conclusive evidence to prove these nets protect swimmers and non-lethal alternatives are available. 

C:\Users\Diana\Documents\AFD Job\6. Shark Net Campaign\3d570a37-fd55-40a9-a47a-5baacbbc8981.png
A dolphin caught in a shark net in Noosa. Photo by: Sunshine Coast Daily

Last month our amazing Dolphin Defenders made it possible to install anti-shark nets signs in every major shopping centre in Noosa. As well as roll out radio and online advertising direct to Noosa locals, showcasing the true cost of keeping shark nets in our waters.

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Anti-shark net ad in Noosa Civic Shopping Centre

The AFD team chatted with the local media about the issue, met with local council members and the Mayor to lobby for removal of the nets, and surveyed locals and visitors along the beach.

The survey found 94% of people are in support of trialling alternatives to shark nets in Noosa.

C:\Users\Diana\Documents\AFD Job\2. AFD Event Photos\16. Noosa Shark Nets Trip\Surveying  (7).JPG
Our team member, Katie, surveying locals.

We also hosted a community stall at Noosa’s largest shopping centre, and discussed the issue with residents while handing out flyers. 

Many locals we spoke with were shocked about the unacceptably high levels of by-catch. After speaking with us they were in favour of removing the nets.

C:\Users\Diana\Documents\AFD Job\2. AFD Event Photos\16. Noosa Shark Nets Trip\IMG_1396 - Copy.JPG
Our team chatting with locals and the media about shark nets.

To top off the encouraging interactions with local groups and individuals, our team had a promising meeting with the Mayor of Noosa. He agreed Noosa is the logical choice to trial non-lethal alternatives to nets and lethal drumlines.

On top of that,19,684 passionate people signed the petition to remove the shark nets in Noosa, and we hand delivered these to Mark Furner’s office.  

C:\Users\Diana\Documents\AFD Job\2. AFD Event Photos\16. Noosa Shark Nets Trip\Han outside Mark Furners office w petitions.JPG
Mark Furner will decide whether the deadly nets remain in the water.

AFD aren’t stopping there. Next month we plan to roll out another advertising blitz and continue on the ground campaigning. The Queensland government needs to know we aren’t going anywhere until they make the right choice for marine life.

Chip into our shark net campaign here.