Open letter to the Minister for Environment – hand-feeding hurts

Dec 03, 2019 by afdadmin
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The recruitment has started.

A wild dolphin being tempted with dead fish at Monkey Mia. 
Image credit: Sonia’s Photography

Monkey Mia in Western Australia has started ‘recruiting’ new wild dolphins into their hand-feeding program. And it is not ok.

Science shows hand-feeding wild dolphins can lower their survival rates, increase their risk of injury and lead to higher calf mortality

We’ve just delivered a letter (below) to the Minister for Environment in Western Australia, calling on him to do the right thing and stop the recruitment of new wild dolphins at Monkey Mia.

AFD has teamed up with other conservation organisations, scientific experts, and ethical tourism operators to urge the Government to cancel Monkey Mia’s recruitment drive.

We’ve also been raising awareness about the issue by speaking on the radio and talking to media about how harmful Monkey Mia’s plans to recruit new wild dolphins are.

It’s time to break the cycle of hand-feeding. Can you help?

Please click here to see a letter template we’ve put together to send to the Minister for Environment in Western Australia. Let Minister Dawson know you will NOT put dolphins at risk for tourism.

Every single letter is proof we will not sit back and let Monkey Mia pursue female dolphins, putting their babies at risk.

Calf survival has been decreasing at Monkey Mia since 2015. 
Image credit: Australia’s Coral Coast

With three of their regular dolphins missing, presumed dead, Monkey Mia has identified five new dolphin recruits to add to their hand-feeding program.

They think they can get away with this because they are targeting female dolphins who already visit the beach. But dolphins are sociable and learn from each other, so they could be putting the entire pod in danger. Dolphins regularly visit beaches around Australia, but it does not mean they should be hand-fed.

These dolphins’ survival should not be put at risk for the benefit of tourists. Especially when there are less-invasive, ethical tourism operators that allow people to see and learn about these beautiful animals without disrupting them.

Thank you so much for taking a stand for these beautiful wild dolphins.