This student is trying to Empty the Tanks – and you can help her

Mar 20, 2018 by afdadmin
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Jasmine discovered dolphins at only seven years old and immediately fell in love. She decorated her room with dolphin posters and spent her time watching videos about them, taking every opportunity possible to appreciate them with her own eyes.

At age nine, she began documenting these first-hand encounters with dolphins inside a journal. What she began to notice was that the experiences she had witnessing dolphins free in the wild, playing and swimming boundless distances, were much more breath-taking than observing them in captivity, continuously circling laps of a chlorinated pool.

When Jasmine was ten years old, she learnt of the horrors committed during the annual Taiji dolphin hunts. This prompted her to write a letter to the Japanese Government urging them to stop the hunts.

10-year-old Jasmine’s hand written letter denouncing the Taiji dolphin hunts.

A couple of years later it was a trip to Thailand that brought Jasmine face-to-face with the reality of animal exploitation for tourism. In Jasmine’s words, she witnessed “elephants being forced to carry tourists for rides and photos. They were beaten with large metal hooks and many of them were bleeding.”

That was when she realised that animals have no voice of their own, so she wanted to become one for them.

Help Jasmine end dolphin captivity in Australia by signing her petition here.

Captive dolphins performing tricks.

As Jasmine grew older, her views on dolphin captivity only became stronger. After watching award-winning documentaries such as The Cove and Blackfish, Jasmine’s anti-captivity stance solidified, and gave her that final push to take action.

Jasmine started a petition on in 2017 at just sixteen, demanding that dolphin captivity be abolished in Australia.

Right now, there are over 35 dolphins held in captivity in Australia. As the public is becoming more aware of the cruelty of captivity, there is a real chance to retire these dolphins to a more humane, natural environment. In a sea pen sanctuary, they can have the life they deserve – one that does not involve performing countless tricks and living in tiny, concrete tanks.

Add your name now and show that you do not support captivity in Australia.

Dolphins lifting heavy trainers out of the water at Sea World on the Gold Coast.

Jasmine has no intention to stop fighting for the freedom of captive dolphins, and continues to educate others on the damage captivity does to the mental and physical health of these sentient beings. “Seeing them in artificial conditions is heart breaking – it takes away their rights of freedom, communicating with other dolphins and being part of a pod,” Jasmine says.

Today, Jasmine’s petition has almost 20,000 signatures, a result she had never dreamt of achieving! This hugely positive response to her petition has given Jasmine hope that the public is becoming more aware of the cruelty in dolphin captivity and starting to think twice before visiting marine parks. Jasmine is thrilled with the result: “In the comments [of the petition], many people have said that they will no longer be supporting companies like SeaWorld and didn’t know the effect it had on the dolphins before seeing the petition.”

Jasmine wants young advocates to know that anyone can make a difference and fight for what they believe is right; all they need is the passion to do so. Jasmine proves that at any age, you have a voice, and can use your voice to fight for those that cannot speak out against injustice for themselves.

Be a voice for captive dolphins and sign Jasmine’s petition here.

Wild and free. Image taken by Clair Norris.