Virtual reality: The cruelty free dolphin experience

Jan 24, 2020 by afdadmin
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Using the technology of virtual reality people can experience the joy, beauty and awe of swimming with dolphins without supporting dolphin captivity.  Dolphin Swim Club is a non-profit foundation that has created a virtual reality experience to give people the opportunity to swim with dolphins from anywhere. It provides an alternative to dolphin-assisted therapies which View full story

Letter to Queensland Premier re. shark control

Jan 20, 2020 by afdadmin
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13,000 animals were killed in Queensland’s lethal shark nets and drumlines last year. And more die every day. Getting these cruel traps out of the ocean should be a matter of urgency. Instead, the Queensland Premier just installed six new drumlines off the Gold Coast. Please take a minute to read our letter to the View full story

Japan changes law to increase commercial whaling operations

Dec 17, 2019 by afdadmin
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In 2018 Japan withdrew from the International Whaling Commission (IWC) before re-commencing commercial whaling in July. Now, in a series of hearings that took place throughout December, the government has revised its national whaling laws, re-packaging them as the Act on the Sustainable Use of Whales. Far from increasing sustainability, the actual goal of the View full story

Open letter to the Minister for Environment – hand-feeding hurts

Dec 03, 2019 by afdadmin
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The recruitment has started. Monkey Mia in Western Australia has started ‘recruiting’ new wild dolphins into their hand-feeding program. And it is not ok. Science shows hand-feeding wild dolphins can lower their survival rates, increase their risk of injury and lead to higher calf mortality.  We’ve just delivered a letter (below) to the Minister for Environment in Western View full story

Hand-feeding Hurts

Nov 12, 2019 by afdadmin
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Every year up to 100,000 tourists visit Monkey Mia in Western Australia to hand-feed the resident dolphins. But this practice is harmful.  Science shows providing food to wild dolphins is bad for their health, wellbeing and long-term survival. Even as far back as the early 90s it was known that hand-feeding wild dolphins puts their View full story

How to run a beach clean

Oct 01, 2019 by afdadmin
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This is a guide developed by Action for Dolphins to assist supporters wanting to run a beach clean. Unless an AFD staff member is present, the event will not be an official AFD event. 1-3 MONTHS FROM THE EVENT 1. The first step is to set your date and location.  Things to consider:  Is there View full story

10 ways to reduce ocean plastic

Sep 24, 2019 by afdadmin
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1. Recycle your plastics The first step is to always consider reusing or repurposing something before we dispose of it. However, at the end of its use, recycling the item is the next best thing. Recycling ensures the products are kept out of landfill where toxic chemicals can contaminate the groundwater.  Check your local council View full story

How AFD is tackling ocean plastic

Sep 13, 2019 by afdadmin
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Ocean plastic pollution  The amount of plastic in our oceans is at an all time high, with 8 million pieces finding their way into water every year. In 2018, a shocking study estimated more than half of the world’s sea turtles have plastic in their stomach.  The problem with plastic is it takes a long View full story

Anti-shark net billboard in action

Aug 08, 2019 by afdadmin
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Thanks to Lush Cosmetics Australia and amazing dolphin defenders, a GIANT billboard with anti-shark net messaging drove around the Sunshine Coast for ten days last month. The billboard got a lot of attention, and AFD was interviewed by Noosa News. Articles also appeared in the Sunshine Coast Daily and Queensland Times. Thank you to everyone View full story

Open Letter to the Minister to remove Queensland’s shark nets

Jul 26, 2019 by afdadmin
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Earlier this week another whale was entangled in Queensland’s deadly shark nets. This is the third whale in one month to struggle for their life. Between 2001 to 2017, Queensland’s shark nets and lethal drumlines have caught a staggering 13,189 marine animals, including turtles, dolphins, dugongs and rays. A 2017 Senate Inquiry found it was View full story