🌊 Your taxis – making waves for captive dolphins 🌊

Jan 15, 2018 by afdadmin
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Thanks to kind animal advocates like you, a fleet of 35 taxis has been driving around the Gold Coast, urging people to think twice about supporting the cruel practice of dolphin captivity this summer.

Driving this important message right across the Gold Coast!

These taxi ads are just the beginning. AFD has huge plans to take on Sea World in 2018.  But dolphins stuck in artificial pools under the Queensland sun desperately need your support.

Can you help? Please click here to sign up as an AFD Dolphin Defender and help convince Sea World to stop breeding dolphins into artificial pools in 2018.

With your help this campaign can start a powerful chain of events, saving generations of dolphins from suffering in captivity.

Thank you so much for everyone who chipped in to make these truth-telling taxi ads possible.

Stay tuned for updates and more ways to help stick it to Sea World in 2018!