8 ways YOU helped dolphins in 2017

Jan 10, 2018 by afdadmin
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Another year’s over, and a new one just begun. It’s time to look back on the year that was, and all the ways your support helped protect dolphins.

In 2017, you helped:

1. Take on Sea World

Thanks to kind animal advocates like you chipping in, we’re excited to announce a fleet of taxi ads urging people to think twice about supporting dolphin captivity is hitting roads across the Gold Coast these summer holidays.

Stay tuned for more details!

2. Launch legal action against dolphin captivity.

In 2017 your support made it possible to launch world-first legal action against an Australian marine park. The lawsuit, which was covered on national TV, put the dolphin captivity industry under a microscope.

The case is still in progress, and we hope to have an update soon.

In the Federal Circuit Court of Australia after filing your legal action.

3. Teach hundreds of school kids about dolphin protection.

This year AFD’s school advocacy program reached hundreds of kids around Australia, teaching them about dolphin protection.

With any luck, the next generation will help take a stand against suffering, and build a kinder (captivity-free) world.

Talking to Coffs Harbour students about dolphin captivity.

4. Expose the horrific Taiji dolphin hunts to Japanese people in Tokyo AND Osaka.

AFD was incredibly excited to launch the first ever billboards showing graphic footage of the Taiji dolphin hunts in Japan this year.

The ads (funded by kind AFD supporters like you) played to hundreds of thousands of people above a busy intersection in Osaka, AND in Tokyo city – exposing many Japanese people to the truth for the first time.

Very excited in front of your Osaka billboard – click to see it in action


5. Made sure dolphin captivity was discussed in Parliament.

In 2016 AFD announced a bold new bill to ban dolphin captivity in NSW. This year we finished drafting the bill, and met with numerous MPs and decision-makers to discuss its implementation.

On top of that, we made sure the captivity issue was discussed in NSW Parliament, working with Greens MP Mehreen Faruqi to issue multiple Questions on Notice about dolphin captivity on the floor of Parliament.

AFD CEO Sarah, about to meet ministers in NSW Parliament.

6. Launched the first ever TV ad against dolphin captivity.

AFD supporters chipped in to create a powerful TV ad starring actor Isabel Lucas, asking people not to support the cruel dolphin captivity industry.

The ad, which was proudly supported by Voiceless, the Animal Protection Institute, played far and wide during the summer holiday period in early 2017 – reaching close to a million people right in their homes. It also gained national media attention, and was shared by thousands on social media.

A behind the scenes shot of Isabel filming your TV ad.

7. Made an international airline promise to stop transporting dolphins.

When AFD supporters heard Finland’s last four captive dolphins were transported by plane to a notoriously cruel marine park in Greece, they leapt into action, signing a petition and writing to management.

Your voices were heard, and ASL Aviation pledged not to transport dolphins in the future. This means the company’s entire fleet of almost 90 planes will no longer prop up the cruel marine park industry. Win!

The only way dolphins should fly 😉

8. Convinced major corporations to take a stand against cruelty.

2017 will be remembered for major corporations like TripAdvisor and Instagram taking a stand against cruelty, vowing not to support or promote dolphin captivity.

It also saw The Today Show receive a media lashing for supporting Sea World, after hundreds of AFD supporters called on them to stop promoting dolphin captivity on their morning show.

Hopefully The Today Show hosts will think twice before supporting dolphin captivity in 2018.

These wins are just a few of the ways your support helped protect dolphins last year.

The even better news is, we’re just getting started!

AFD has BIG plans to help dolphins in 2018 (follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to stay updated).

We can’t wait to hit the ground running this year, and keep fighting for dolphins with you by our side.

If you want to join the fight against cruelty, please click here to sign up as an AFD Dolphin Defender, and help achieve even bigger things for dolphins in 2018.