A HUGE 6 months for dolphins.

Jun 27, 2019 by afdadmin
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We’re only half way through the year, but so much has happened. 

In 2019, your support has helped:

1. Launch legal action against the Taiji dolphin hunts

Addressing media following the first court hearing

In February this year AFD hosted a press conference in Tokyo, announcing we had filed world-first legal action against the Taiji dolphin hunts. 

The first hearing took place in May, where two Japanese plaintiffs presented oral statements asking a panel of judges to cancel the annual dolphin-hunting permit.

The next hearing is due to take place in July, and there may be a long legal battle ahead. But if we win, it will all be worth it – this action has the potential to save countless dolphins from suffering and death in the Taiji cove.

2. Take on destructive shark nets

Shark nets have killed more than 472 innocent marine animals in Noosa. Your support helped roll out a targeted anti shark-net blitz right across the town, including:

  • Radio ads
  • Signs in major shopping centres
  • Community stalls discussing the issue with residents
  • Meetings with councillors and the Mayor, and
  • Online advertising direct to Noosa locals.

Your ads have got the whole town talking about shark nets. And there are even bigger and bolder actions planned for the rest of the year to convince politicians to get these cruel nets out of the water.

3. Protest dolphin captivity

11th May marked the 7th annual Empty the Tanks Day. Our team was proud to stand alongside more than sixty protesters outside Sea World on the Gold Coast, calling on them to STOP breeding dolphins into artificial pools for entertainment.

The protest was a huge success, and was covered by two major newspapers in Queensland – spreading the word about why we need to end the cruel cycle of captivity.

4. Bring in a leading dolphin expert to assess how five dolphins would fare in a sanctuary

Dr. Clegg observing the dolphins at DMCP

Your support also made it possible to bring one of the world’s leading international dolphin specialists to Coffs Harbour. 

Dr. Isabella Clegg conducted a thorough welfare assessment on five dolphins under human care at Dolphin Marine Conservation Park – a crucial step to their possible relocation to a sea-pen sanctuary.

5. Develop designs for sea-pen sanctuary

Plans to build Australia’s first sea-pen sanctuary to retire captive dolphins are coming along in leaps and bounds. Earlier this year we were able to complete stage 2 of feasibility study, presenting potential locations and concept designs to a room full of stakeholders and officials.

6. Clean beaches of plastic

AFD was proud to host several beach cleans this year, including a Seaside Scavenge in Frankston where more than 150kg of rubbish was collected.

We plan to tackle plastic pollution head on with even more beach cleans throughout the year.

7. Spread the word about dolphin protection in the community

Getting ready talk to school kids about dolphin protection

We’ve also ran educational presentations in schools and held information stands at markets, a film festival, and a sustainability summit. 

AFD is a tiny organisation. We like to think we punch above our weight – but we couldn’t do it on our own. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped protect dolphins and marine animals this year. 

Every signature added to a petition, every dollar in support of a campaign, every post shared on social media really does make a difference.
We’re truly optimistic about the future of dolphin protection, and we can’t wait to see what else we can accomplish together in 2019.

If you want to help launch more bold actions to help marine animals this year, please consider signing up as an AFD Dolphin Defender: