Action for Angel

Jun 13, 2014 by afdadmin
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Hello Dolphin


I wanted to introduce myself – I’m Jordan, the new Advocacy Director for AFD. We have all been pretty busy here managing our latest campaign, so apologies for the lack of blogging!

As you’ve probably heard by now, AFD has recently launched a new campaign – Action for Angel. Angel is a baby albino dolphin who was taken from her family in the Taiji dolphin hunts earlier this year. Angel was taken due to her rare colouring, while the rest of her family were slaughtered.

AFD has recently launched a lawsuit against the Museum holding Angel, as they are denying entry to law-abiding citizens who want to check on Angel’s well being. We hope that the case will cause the Museum to opens its doors to the light of public scrutiny.

We have also petitioned the Mayor of Taiji, asking for Angel to be released to a shaded sea pen for rehabilitation, and eventually back into the wild.

Poor Angel in her tank at the Taiji Whale Museum.

Poor Angel in her tank at the Taiji Whale Museum.

What I would like to take the time to say is a BIG thank you to all our supporters, we have had such an amazing response and are so grateful to everyone who has shared Angel’s story and donated towards our legal fund. Speaking of, we are almost at our initial target of $50,000 which is such an amazing effort!

Sarah will be travelling to Taiji in July to deliver our petition to the Mayor and also to attend the first hearing for Angel, so we will keep you posted with updates!

One thing that I have realised in my first month working for AFD is that there are so many people that are passionate about putting an end to dolphin hunting. The amount of people that have contacted us to wish us well in our work has truly been so amazing and inspiring.


So, a very big thank you for all your support and we look forward to hearing from you!