Australian Marine Life Needs Your Help!

Apr 22, 2015 by afdadmin
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Image from Greenpeace

Four dolphins and two seals have been killed in the nets of the Geelong Star super trawler during its first trial in Australian waters.

Please, help stop the senseless deaths of more dolphins and the irreversible damage of marine life! Call on the Minister for the Environment, Greg Hunt, to suspend the destructive mega-vessel’s commercial fishing licence immediately – before more dolphins and seals are killed.

Following public outcry in 2012, the government previously banned a similar super trawler – so your contact to the Minister could be enough to stop this one too.

You can contact the Minister’s office directly on 03-5979 3188, or send an email to [email protected].

Feel free to use our letter for your inspiration:

Dear The Hon. Mr Greg Hunt MP, Environment Minister,

I am writing in relation to the Geelong Star and to respectfully ask you to stop this boat from fishing in Australian waters.

On its first fishing voyage off south-eastern Australia, the 95-metre factory trawler has already killed four dolphins and two seals in its huge trawl net. Despite assurances that strong management practices would be used to protect Australian wildlife, these safeguards are clearly not working.

The trawler has approval to fish three nautical miles out to sea in waters from Perth, South Australia, around Tasmania and Victoria to northern New South Wales. These waters contain precious and fragile marine life. I am concerned about the impact of the trawler on the marine environment and Australian fish stocks, with the trawler set to take 16,500 tonnes of pelagic fish per year.

The Geelong Star trawls using an 80 metre wide, and 35 metre high net, substantially increasing the chance of by-catch like dolphins and seals.

In 2012, the government banned the super trawler FV Margiris because of the possible impact on Australian fish stock and the marine environment. This new trawler poses an unacceptable threat to Australia’s marine life. I respectfully ask you to ban this boat and others like it from fishing in Australian waters.