Conservation Impact of Taiji Dolphin Hunts

Aug 25, 2015 by afdadmin
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Help_Stop_ThisIn a few short weeks the horrific Taiji dolphin hunts are due to start again. Entire pods of dolphins will be mercilessly killed, placing their populations at serious risk.

While the Taiji hunts are most often discussed from an animal welfare perspective, the mass slaughter of thousands of migratory dolphins also has a detrimental effect on cetacean conservation in Japan.

There are strong concerns that if these hunts are allowed to continue, dolphin populations in the area will be decimated to the point where they may never recover.

This loss of biodiversity would be a tragedy. Which is why we need to pressure the Governor of Wakayama (the man who signs the permits giving these ecologically disastrous hunts the go-ahead) and tell him to stop the destructive Taiji blood bath before the slaughtering begins in XX days time.

Please, sign and share AFD’s global petition and tell Governor Yoshinobu Nisaka NOT to approve the permit for this season’s dolphin hunts.


Despite evidence of the devastating impact the hunts have on local populations, annual quotas for the Taiji dolphin hunts remain high.

By the 1990s the drive hunts had “depleted coastal stocks of striped dolphins to less than 10 per cent of the post-World War II level”. However, a permit allowing the slaughter and sale of 450 striped dolphins was issued in the 2014-15 season.

When investigating the Risso’s dolphin population, the IWC Scientific community disclosed that no animals should be taken until there is a clear understanding of the stock’s status. However, 261 dolphins were permitted to be slaughtered and sold in the 2014-15 season.

These brutal hunts must be stopped. Please act now to save innocent dolphins and whales by pleading with the Governor to have mercy this season.


What’s even more concerning is the unregulated nature of the horrific annual hunts. There is no enforcement on kill quotas or on the methods of hunting cetaceans by Japan’s Fisheries Agency, or any regional governments.

In addition, the permits issued for drive hunting only include those that make it onto the cold floor of Taiji’s butcher house. Calves that are dumped back out to sea, unlikely to survive without their mother, and those that drown or die of shock from their injuries, remain untallied.

Their lifeless bodies slide back under the water; counted by none, dead all the same.

The true number of those that die as a result of the Taiji drive hunts is far, far larger than the already high numbers permitted by the Governor of Wakayama.

This reckless unregulated practice must be stopped. Please sign this petition to convince the Governor of Wakayama to stop this practice once and for all.