Fire shows and dolphins don’t mix, Sea World

Jan 19, 2018 by afdadmin
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Advertisement for Sea World Carnivale laser show.

Last year, Asher was booked to take part in a live show at Village Roadshow’s ‘Carnivale’ festival. When Asher accepted the contract she assumed it would be held at Movie World, as it was in past years. Unfortunately she was wrong.

The venue had been changed to Sea World on the Gold Coast. Sea World keeps 30+ dolphins in captivity – not exactly the right place for a noisy crowd, music show, and pyrotechnics display.

This year, Sea World is again hosting Carnivale, and Asher has started a petition calling for the venue to be changed.

You can help by adding your name to the petition.

When Asher first learned of the venue, she contacted Sea World directly. She wanted some answers as to why they would allow a disruptive event with loud noises and masses of people around dolphins.

Asher sent countless emails and messages, and even called Sea World to voice her concerns. Asher was promised a member of Sea World staff would call her back, but it never happened. Finally she received a Facebook message from a Sea World staff member, who assured her the dolphins were monitored while the show was on and she shouldn’t be worried.

Asher says, “Being just one person I felt quite small and easy to dismiss.” But in the last few days, Asher’s call to action has been backed up by nearly 1,000 people.

Add your name now and help get the message to Sea World. 

Dolphins on show at Sea World.

Asher’s activism stems from a strong moral belief about all animals: “Keeping animals in captivity for human entertainment is an incredibly outdated and pointless form of tourism. Their lives become aimed at keeping humans happy for a mere few minutes. Visitors to Sea World will generally leave the park and barely think of the animals again. Meanwhile the captive dolphins live there day in and day out, performing the same tricks and eating the same food.

I have a photo of myself as a child standing next to a seal at Sea World before I realised all this, and this is what reminds me that we all have the ability to change, learn, and grow.”

Help Asher achieve change for the dolphins at Sea World, by signing her petition.