Noosa – say “no to the nets”

Apr 15, 2019 by afdadmin
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Noosa is home to more than 2,000 square metres of shark netting. Experts have concluded shark nets do not protect swimmers. Yet they come at a deadly cost.

Since 2001, 26 dolphins, 2 whales, and 87 rays have been caught in Noosa’s shark nets – many of them drowning to death.

After a summer of feeding in Antarctica, scores of Humpback Whales will make their annual winter migration up the Australian East coast. This has been going on for centuries, yet the shark nets that line Queensland’s coast stand as a direct threat.

In 2017, a baby Humpback Whale was trapped in Noosa. It struggled for its life for hours, before finally breaking free. But it could easily have drowned. The nets are indiscriminate, killing hundreds of innocent marine animals every year.

Please sign the petition to allow for the free passage of 30,000 Humpback Whales past Noosa this season. And help prevent hundreds more entanglements of other marine species, many of which are protected or endangered.

A baby whale caught in a shark net in QLD. Photo: Humane Society International

In 2017, a dolphin was found dead after being entangled in the shark nets off Noosa. Please help bring an end to this senseless loss of life by signing the petition.

A dead dolphin is found in the shark nets off the coast of Noosa. Photo from: Sunshine Coast Daily

Last year, AFD launched a successful campaign in Ballina to remove shark nets. Now, we are focusing on Noosa. If we can get the nets out in Noosa, it paves the way for Queensland’s destructive shark control program to be updated across the State.