We CAN stop the bloodbath in 2015

Aug 11, 2015 by afdadmin
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Help_Stop_ThisYear after year come September 1st, the Taiji cove is filled with the blood and cries of innocent dolphins. The world watches on with despair as babies are torn away from their mothers and whole pods of dolphins are separated, tortured, and brutally killed.

In a few short weeks all this pain and suffering is due to start again. That’s why today Australia for Dolphins has launched a global petition to stop the blood bath in 2015.

If we act now, we can pressure the one man who approves the hunts, and make all this senseless cruelty stop.

Please, sign and share AFD’s global petition and tell Governor Yoshinobu Nisaka NOT to approve the permit for this season’s dolphin slaughter.

Yoshinobu Nisaka is the Governor of Wakayama Prefecture, which includes Taiji. It is his job to approve a permit for the hunts and decide how many dolphins will be ruthlessly slaughtered every season.

Right now, he is deciding the fate of hundreds of defenceless dolphins.

We don’t have long to act, but this year there is a real chance that if we apply pressure on the governor, we can influence him to cancel the hunts before they even begin – sparing thousands of beautiful dolphins.

Please, sign and share the petition and demand the governor does not give the “OK” to the torturous hunts this year.

Governor Nisaka2

Because of public pressure from AFD supporters like you, a few months ago Japanese aquariums vowed they would never buy from the Taiji hunts again. This means, for the first time, the hunts have lost the support of powerful players in Japan.

The governor knows that this season he has the eyes of the world – and the eyes of Japan – on him.

In fact, the dolphin hunting industry in Japan has never been this weak or vulnerable. There has never been a better time to act.

You can do something really simple to influence this one man, and help save thousands of dolphins from torture and death. Please, sign the petition to stop the hunts now!


We all know the dolphin hunts in Taiji are not a “tradition”. They make millions of dollars for a small group of greedy hunters and middlemen, who line their own pockets by torturing innocent animals.

It’s crazy to think just one man has the power to stop the dolphin hunt in Taiji this season, and spare these intelligent animals from an excruciating death. But it’s the truth.

Don’t forget, this man is a politician. He is accountable to the people, and heavily influenced by public opinion.

So if you don’t want the hunters to lay another finger on an innocent dolphin, please, tell the governor not to sign the permit – before it’s too late.

Click here to pressure the Governor, and ensure he doesn’t sign the permit this year

We only have until the 1st of September.

Sign the petition to save dolphins